Here is what some of our clients have said about us:


We appreciated the fact that John was with us from the start of our residential build, sitting in on meetings with the architect and lending his insight and expertise, which proved to be invaluable. The building process itself went very smoothly and fairly stress free with his constant words of, “Don’t worry, we’ll take care of it” or “Already thought of that and it’s being taken care of”. He kept in constant communication with us throughout, letting us know of the progress of the build and the timing of things that we needed to be doing to keep the project on schedule. His calm demeanor was a blessing during an otherwise stressful time. His crew and subcontractors were topnotch professionals and their work was without peer. John stresses and strives for perfection and the final product is a testament to that mantra. We are extremely happy and are forever deeply appreciative of everything that John did for us. We highly recommend John and John Anderson Construction and if need be would not hesitate to call on him again.Ron Ota and Hazel Bowen
Working with John Anderson Construction is a pleasure. John makes a potentially stressful endeavor an enjoyable one. His easy demeanor, coupled with his attention to detail, is not a combination readily found. I think what really sets John apart, however, is his overall engagement from beginning to end, as well as his aptitude toward the overall design process. From helping to interview architects and sitting down at the design table, to walking the work site and interacting with the sub-contractors, to following up on permits, and making sure the last coat of paint is just right, John is always there and actively directing the process. John’s early and consistent engagement in the entire process results in less wasted time, less wasted money, fewer headaches and a better overall product. His enthusiasm and professionalism are always apparent, too. And this is much appreciated. I would highly recommend using John Anderson Construction.Dr. Alan Tack
John Anderson is the finest contractor I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. His estimate of our renovation was spot on, his timelines never varied, and his crews were professional, reliable and their skill sets were excellent. The quality of materials used at Johns suggestions were excellent and in accordance with our budget. His ideas and suggestions both updated and modernized our renovation to a new level. John is a professional in every sense of the word. He was always available to us either in person or by phone at any given time. John brought our project in on budget and on time! A rare thing these days. John Anderson is the whole package.Jeanne A. Brennan

Your voice was the first thing I heard and I knew; there was definitely something special about You.
You came into our lives, it was just meant to be, your talent was something we were supposed to See.
We called and asked you to please help with this place, you so tactfully pointed out a Dysfunctional space.
You saw the space and could not walk away, it’ll take about 6 weeks, and we’ll start up in May.
You saw a vision, a remodel was due, I’ll give you the best but it‘ll cost you.
You thought of my needs; it kept you up at night; you sat awake thinking until you got it all Right.
You helped us to do this and all within our means. You created the vision right out of my dreams.
You know I had anxiety and was such a stress case so you helped me stay calm and showed me How to embrace.
Trusting you was easy because of the depth of your insight and no need to argue because you are Almost always right.
The entire process went smoothly, never any trouble. The result was so gorgeous I would have Paid double.
We could never realize the gift you would share and for no other reason than you truly care.
In these times, it is such a rarity to meet a man with so much integrity.
You are so gifted, someone I can look up to, someone I think so highly of, and I will never forget You.
My only hope is that with all you created that you left us knowing how much it is all so Appreciated.
All I can give are my words, and all spoken are true – and from the bottom of my heart I want to Sincerely Thank You!Kris Zmak
Kris, Mike and kids are so happy with the remodel of their home and we want to thank you for the awesome work you and your crew did. When she approached us for help with the expense, we assured her that we were happy to help and now after seeing the results, it was an investment well made. I think now they can better enjoy their home. I wish we would have found you when we did the remodel of our home ten years ago. We are very pleased with the results and have no doubt that the Zmak family will be very happy in their new digs. Thank you very much for all you have done for them.Walt and Karen Fangerow
I have hired John Anderson Construction for several projects over the span of the last 10 years and have been extremely pleased with the results. Mr. Anderson is honest, capable, fair, and very professional. I would highly recommend his company for any size construction project.webuser_3075492
MRG had the pleasure of working with John Anderson Construction, Inc. for its first build in Reno, NV. The level of professionalism and attention to detail shown by John Anderson saved us money and time. We really appreciated the level of communication to keep our team involved at all times. Any time John thought something could be better, he provided us with a solution rather than a problem. John Anderson Construction, Inc. will be the contractor we use for future construction and we would recommend them to anyone looking for a contractor.Thomas Dake
Director of Development
MRG Marketing & Management, Inc.
John Anderson remodeled our entire home (approximately 3,700 square feet) last year. He is very professional, trustworthy and incredibly responsible. He stayed on schedule, his work was well planned and executed. His cost estimates were spot on. We highly recommend him for new construction or remodeling without reservation.nanpra
John Anderson Construction built a beautiful addition on our home for my Mom to live in. The work was done ahead of schedule and under budget. That is really something when you consider it was built during the housing boom over ten years ago. His work has stood the test of time, we still get compliments on the addition all the time. I recommend John and his Team without hesitation, happily I do so. They are the best!Dan Bowler
Currently and for many years John Anderson has built, remodeled and designed both commercial and residential properties for me and my companies.
You won’t find a better construction company or a better idea guy. Reliable, fair, dedicated to his clients’ needs and budget. John always meets or exceeds my expectations regardless of the project.webuser_621925